Wholesale and Special Order Bakery!

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All Natural, Made From Scratch!

See, when we say “scratch” or “homemade” we don’t mean that we defrosted it and baked it in the shop, or that we added water, stirred and baked.  I make these treats from just the basics and am even loony enough to fresh grate my nutmeg and candy my own ginger.

You can taste the difference and feel the love!  Our goal is a toothsome treat that reminds you of old-fashioned goodness.  Simple, not too sweet and you finish with a smile!

Sugar is a family owned and operated bakery located in Surf City, NC on Topsail Island – I bake and my husband does our web and computer stuff and our kids and animals model our t-shirts and taste test the products!  We believe in supporting local farmers, contributing to our local community and not being wasteful.  All of our eggshells and coffee grounds are composted and all of our fruit and veggie cores and trimmings get fed to our goats and chickens!

Thanks for visiting.  We hope you enjoyed your treat and took a minute to relax.  Thank you for supporting a small family business.

-The Smiths-


Please click here to download a PDF copy of our menu!