Will you ship items?

We have a few bakery items, our delicious custom-roasted coffees, granola, and our splendiferous Sugar Island logo apparel, including Farm to Island gear.

Do you make birthday cakes?

That depends. We do not decorate elaborate birthday cakes, but we think our cakes are pretty yummy to have for birthday celebrations. Want to order a cake from our cake menu?
Call us! 910-254-1110

Do you make wedding cakes?


Pretty please?


I don’t live near your bakery. Do you deliver baked goods to other restaurants?

Yes! Please see our “Find Us” page for locations where you can pick up an ever-changing selection of treats.

Do you have events at your bakery?

Yes! See our event calendar for upcoming events. You can also rent The Map Room (our private upstairs room) for your Topsail Island wedding reception or rehearsal dinner.

But I thought you didn’t make wedding cakes?

We don’t, but we’re happy to host your reception! (We don’t make the rules. Actually we do.)

Do you go to farmers’ markets?

We LOVE going to farmers’ markets—as customers. We do not currently take our baked goods to market, though.

Are you a bookstore? I thought you were a bakery!

Oh, see, we LOVE books. Just LOVE THEM. So we have tons of used and some new books for sale at the Bakery. Look for signed copies of books by your favorite local authors!